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Sponsors/Partner Highlight

Conference Presenting Sponsor: Schetky Northwest

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Rich Hawk:

Gold Sponsor: Washington State Transit Insurance Pool

Silver Sponsor: Summit Law Group

Conference Partner: WSDOT Public Transportation Division

Day 1: Monday, August 24

7:45am: WSTA logs into Virtual Conference Zoom

8:00am: Welcomes/Zoom Etiquette 101

8:15 am: Breakout Series 1

Breakout Room 1:
Transportation During and (hopefully) After a Pandemic: Looking Ahead to the “New Normal”

What is transportation going to look like in the near future? What is the “new normal”? What role can public transportation play in our next steps? Our Secretary of Transportation will talk about WSDOT’s priorities of preservation, asset management, and capital improvements; the future of teleworking; investments into the Wi-Fi infrastructure, and more.

>Roger Millar – Secretary of Transportation, Washington State

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

Breakout Room 2:
What’s Happening in the OTHER Washington? – Federal Legislative Edition

Leaders from the nation’s premier advocates for public transit will join us for a discussion on what is happening in Washington DC with Federal Legislation. From further recovery funds to the possibility of a new Reauthorization and the prospects of an Infrastructure Package. There is much happening in the Other Washington. These leading advocacy organizations will lay it all out for you on what we know today. Moderated by a friend and Federal Advocate for WSTA, Jen Covino of Simon and Co. this hour-long discussion will leave you with a fresh update of the Federal efforts to advance public transit.

>Scott Bogren – Executive Director, Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA)
>Stacie Tiongson –  APTA’s Senior Director, Government Affairs
, American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
>Joel Rubin – Washington Advocate & Ed Redfern – Executive Director, The Bus Coalition

>Jen Covino – President, Simon and Company Inc. & Federal Advocate for Washington State Transit Association (WSTA)

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

Breakout Room 3:
The ’21-’23 Budget Cycle is Coming – is Your Consolidated Grant Application Ready?

As a new funding cycle approaches its that time of year to prepare for your Consolidated Grant. This session will feature three WSDOT Community Liaisons to provide an overview and training. Bring your questions for this workshop/training.

>Linda Howell – Community Liaison, WSDOT
>Nina Stocker – Community Liaison, WSDOT
>Marianna Hanefeld – Community Liaison, WSDOT

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

9:15 am: Break Sponsored: Washington State Transit Insurance Pool

9:45 am: Breakout Series 2

Breakout Room 1:
Is Anything Going on in Labor & Employment Land Apart from Coronavirus?

PERC, the legislature, and the courts have all been active in the area of employment and labor law. We’ll discuss key developments and new requirements that you need to know to lawfully manage your workforce, wherever they are.

Shannon Philips – Partner, Summit Law

We want to give a special thank you to Summit Law for their strong partnership with WSTA over the years both with our Committees and here at the Conference.

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

Breakout Room 2:
What’s Happening In THIS Washington – A look at Transportation Policy and Funding Today and Tomorrow

COVID-19, I-976, and a backlog of transportation projects bear down the 2021 legislative session. Transportation leaders in the House and Senate will discuss their plans and thoughts for a Transportation Revenue Proposal, how the 2021-2023 budget cycle will look, and how we fund current and future transportation needs. You will also hear from the Executive Branch, how the Office of Gov. Inslee will approach the next funding cycle and future transportation needs. WSTA’s lobbyist will moderate this panel and offer their insight on how advocates will approach the future of transportation.

>Rep. Jake Fey, Chair – House Transportation Committee, 27th LD – Tacoma
>Senator Rebecca Saldaña – ViceChair – Senate Transportation Committee, 37th LD
>Debbie Driver – Senior Policy Advisor – Office of Governor Jay Inslee

Moderated By:
>Justin D. Leighton – Executive Director, WSTA

Breakout Room 3:
GMS & You

The Grants Management System – or GMS – is launched and ready for you to apply for grants. Now what? People directly involved in getting GMS up and running will be sharing the latest information and be available for questions you have. Come join us for an interactive workshop.

>Debbie Ruggles – GMS Change Management Lead, WSDOT/Public Transportation Division
>Pam Smith – GMS System Administrator, WSDOT/Public Transportation Division
>Tina Rea – GMS System Administrator, WSDOT/Public Transportation Division

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

10:45 am: Break – Supported by WSDOT Public Transportation Division

11:00 am: Special WSTA Award Presentation
11:05 am: General Session 1:

General Session Keynote Address:
Systems and Systematic Racism

This session will provide an understanding of current issues relating to Racial Justice, including definitions and comparisons to Social and Environmental Justice -and the domino effect of mindsets that contribute to manifestations in the workplace.

This session is paired with tomorrow’s break out training session “Upholding Racial Justice” as a two-part series for participants who want to dive in deeper.

The presentation will include handouts which will be mailed to each registered participant ahead of the Conference.

>Linda Callecod – President and Sr. Consultant Seraphim Consulting and Training
learn more about Linda & her Team

Handout for session

12:30 pm: Closing Remarks and Looking Ahead to Day 2

Day 2: Tuesday, August 25

7:45am: WSTA logs into Virtual Conference Zoom

8:00 am: Welcomes/Zoom Etiquette 101

8:15 am: Breakout Series 3 (75 Min Sessions)

Breakout Room 1:
Upholding Racial Justice – Training Course

This interactive session will provide the “how-tos” for upholding Racial Justice in workplace systems that are often taken for granted. It will include case studies, examples, and personal accountability.

>Linda Callecod Linda Callecod – President and Sr. Consultant Seraphim Consulting and Training
>Darryl Russel – Vice President & Master Facilitator, Seraphim Consulting & Training

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

Breakout Room 2:
Keeping Your Virtual Team Together: Practices for Resilience Now and Beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 has rapidly shifted our teams into the virtual workspace, introducing a whole host of new technologies, practices, challenges, and opportunities. While “Zoom fatigue” is an all too real experience, this all-digital moment has also introduced some new possibilities for more dynamic working practices and resilient organizations. This hands-on session will introduce some key virtual practices to boost your digital culture and set your teams up for optimal collaboration now and beyond COVID-19.

>Erik Skogsberg – Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Clarity Consulting Partners, LLC
Learn more about Erik

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

Breakout Room 3:
Transit in the time of COVID-19

Join us for a panel conversation to about the challenges, innovations, and best practices we’ve found as we move through COVID-19. Panelists from both small and large systems will talk about how they’ve worked to develop and implement strategies to get through the pandemic. They’ll also discuss what they have learned that can be applied to future emergencies and disasters. Additionally, hear how the state budget forecast has been adjusting to revenue volatility.  

>Angie Peters – General Manager, Valley Transit
>Hannah McIntosh – RapidRide Program Director, King County Metro Transit
>Erik Hansen – Senior Budget Assistant, Washington State Office of Financial Management
>Don Chartock – Division Deputy Director – WSDOT Public Transportation Division

Moderated By:
>Jillian Nordstrom – Grants and Community Partnerships Manager, WSDOT Public Transportation Division

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

9:45 am: Break Sponsored by: Washington State Transit Insurance Pool

10:15 am: Breakout Series 4

Breakout Room 1:
The Rider Psyche: Understanding Your Customers and Using Data to Deliver Your Message During and After the Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the behavior of riders and their perception of public transit. Speakers will share their rider/community surveys conducted to learn about how to message public transit while the industry continues to respond to the Pandemic. Speakers will discuss their research and findings and how they have and will apply them to not just the messaging but how they provide service moving forward.

>Amy Snyder – Chief of Staff, Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD)
> Martin Munguia – Corporate Communications Manager, Community Transit

>Robert Heavrin – Insights & Strategy Manager, Marketing & Communications, LA Metro
>Michael J. Moreno – Public Affairs Manager, Regional Transportation Commission (Reno)

Moderated by:
>Christine Selk – Communication & Public Affairs Manager/PIO, CTRAN & WSTA Marketing & Communications Committee Vice Chair

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

Breakout Room 2:
USDOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Overview

For sub-recipients required to follow FTA’s drug &; alcohol testing program. Topics include writing a policy, training for safety-sensitive employees, test types, and prohibited behaviors and substances.

>Linda Howell – Community Liaison, WSDOT Public Transportation Division
>Pam Smith – Compliance Planner, WSDOT Public Transportation Division

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

Breakout Room 3:
’21-’24 Green and Regional Mobility Grants – What’s New & What to Expect in the Next Grant Cycle

Come learn about updates to the Green Transportation Capital Grant and the Regional Mobility Grant Programs. This session will cover the basics of the programs and include helpful hints for developing your applications.

>Evan Olsen – Grants Analyst, WSDOT Public Transportation Division
>Allyson Ruppenthal  – Grants Analyst, WSDOT Public Transportation Division

Available Session Documents: CLICK HERE

11:15 am: Break – Supported by WSDOT Public Transportation Division

11:30 am: Special WSTA Award Presentation
11:35 am: General Session 2

General Session Keynote Address:
Riders Need to Know: Complete, High-Quality Information is Even More Important During Covid-19

Dependable and easy-to-use information for riders is a key part of delivering high-quality transit. 3rd party apps like OneBusAway, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and others are key tools for riders. How do transit agencies reach riders through these common tools and help riders travel confidently? During the pandemic, the old rules continue to apply — riders are lost without dependable information. Now, the information they need — occupancy, service changes, exceptions — has changed. What organizational and technological steps are transit agencies taking today and need to take in the future to build partnerships with their IT vendors, 3rd party applications, and others, in order to effectively serve their riders?

>Aaron Antrim – President, Lead Developer & founding principal of Trillium Solutions
Learn More Aaron

Please see Aaron’s Presentation by CLICKING HERE

12:30 pm: Closing Remarks and Looking Ahead to 2021

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm: 2020 Wall of Fame Awards Presentation – Presented By WSDOT

Wall of Fame message from WSDOT

The past 12 months have produced some of the most inspiring and moving stories our industry has ever seen, and we’re honored to be able to share some of those with you.

View all the Honorees individual Video by CLICK HERE
View the “Web of Fame” Flickr by CLICKING HERE

In case you’re wondering about posters, there’s no need to worry: we’ll produce those in short order, and we hope to get them into your hands by the end of September.

If you have any questions about the Wall of Fame, please send an email to We’re looking forward to sharing your stories with you!

The 2020 Wall of Fame team