TNLI Leadership Symposium

Welcome to Transits Next Leader Institute Leadership Symposium. This two-day event will provide attendees the opportunity to watch the fellow’s 20-minute presentation related to their local agency. Fellows have spent the better part of 2021 working on their project closely with their agency/organization leadership.

This Website will be password protected at 8:00am Friday, October 15.

Day 1 – October 15
11:00am – 1:00pm

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11:00am – Welcome and Instructions

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11:10am – Case for FCEB in Salem Oregon:
Gregg Thompson – Maintenance Manager, Cherriots

This presentation will review how a FCEB operates, fueling options, cost modeling and benefits over other fuel types.

11:35am – What will Your Legacy Be? Succession Planning for the Real World:
Samantha Thomson-Daly – Staff Development Manager, Community Transit

Diversifying High-Potentials so that they are ready for a wide range of leader roles and are future ready.

Noon – Paw Plan:
Terri Gardner – Operations Manager, Grays Harbor Transit

Paw Plan is designed to streamline the boarding process for passengers with service animals.  It is also intended to reduce the frequency of service animal disputes between operators and passengers by providing a voluntary registration ID card.

12:25pm – Growing Skagit:
Jason Tepper – Dispatch Supervisor, Skagit Transit

Skagit County is experiencing a growth spurt. New apartment buildings, Amazon Fulfillment Center and Winco to name a few. I organized a Route Committee with several departments in our agency to help plan new routes to accommodate potential new passengers and update existing routes to give our current customers improved service.

11:10am – Island Safe:
Shawn Harris – Operations Manager, Island Transit

This presentation will be a concept for creating a program which will provide safety to all employees and citizens alike. This program will bring awareness to equity and the right to a safe ride for all passengers as they travel throughout Island County on our buses.

Island Transit will partner with it’s employees as well as the local community to implement it’s program of safe travel for everyone.

“The Safest Transit System”

11:35am – Jefferson Transit: Employee Intranet Project:
Nicole Gauthier – Fixed Route Operations Manager & Miranda Nash – Mobility Operations Manager, Jefferson Transit

This project will focus on creating and implementing an internal employee intranet site. The creation of this intranet site will increase the effectiveness of communications between management and staff, with the objective of increasing overall employee morale and engagement.  The site will give employees a centralized and accessible platform to access all agency information and up to date policies and procedures to ensure their success as a member of the Jefferson Transit team.

Noon – Reroute to getting back on schedule:
Troika Braswell – Senior Human Resource Analyst, King County Metro

Challenged with identifying and retaining talent in 2021? Discover how to maximize the value of employees by taking a holistic view of your agency and use people tools to achieve goals. This presentation will help you identify and remove challenges within your traditional HR department and transform it into the increasingly popular “people operations team”. Attend to learn how identifying small changes can lead to getting back on schedule.

12:25pm – The Secret to Sustainability – Buy Green First:
Cheryl Willis – Marketing & Public Affairs Specialist, Skagit Transit

Buy Green First – This project stems from an enthusiasm for Washington State’s legislative action, SB 5022, regarding plastic materials sold in the state. The bill requires plastic producers to include postconsumer recycled content for plastic packaging and bags. I have identified suppliers who provide post-consumer products that our agency can purchase to support waste reduction and lower costs, while also motivating suppliers to expand their inventory of these items by creating demand.

11:10am – The Super Mentor Program
Jamie Fairbanks – Operations Manager, Whatcom Transportation Authority

Operations Supervisors are an essential role in transit agencies. Creating a one-to-one mentoring program that pairs current Supervisors with Transit Operators will benefit the participants and the agency. A successful mentoring program will promote professional development of the participants while expanding the culture of coaching and staff development within the WTA. The Super Mentor Program is poised to prepare future internal candidates with the skills necessary to be strong contenders for future Operations Supervisor positions.

11:35am – Invitation to Ride:
Laurie Langlois – Transportation Manager
Dena Withrow – Interim Chief Operating Officer, Pierce Transit

We will be describing our efforts to form an internal committee that will provide support, guidance, and aid in the internal communication of all Agency efforts to restore ridership.

Noon – No Presentation – Please Visit another room

12:25pm – The Connector Service Project:
Tommy Fernandez – Vanpool Coordinator, Kitsap Transit

Kitsap Transit provides public transportation services throughout Kitsap County; however, service gaps remain for communities with distinct transportation needs. The Connector Service aims to close the gaps through a shared mobility solution, connecting the citizens and communities throughout Kitsap County.

Main Zoom Room
12:45pm – Closing Remarks

Day 2 – October 22
11:00am – 1:00pm

Main Zoom Room
11:00am – Welcome and Instructions

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11:10am – C-TRAN Sustainability Policy
Eric Florip – Assistant Manager of Customer Experience, C-TRAN

the agency’s current and future practices. This presentation will walk through the entire process and its goals, from initiating the idea during the TNLI program, to working collaboratively with the C-TRAN Green Team, agency leadership and ultimately setting a more environmentally friendly future for C-TRAN and our community.

11:35am – No Presentation – please visit another room

Noon – Intelligent Transportation Systems Department
Jason Aguero – Chief Information Officer/IS Manager, Intercity Transit

When deploying new technology in the agency (like a new CAD/AVL system), the agency needs to adapt to changing support needs. To often organizations deploy new technology and fail to consider/plan for long term sustainable support. This presentation is focused around the need to add another department in the agency within the the fleet and maintenance division to support a new CAD/AVL system and other modern technologies.

12:25pm – OCTA Organizational Development
Brent Timm – Interim CEO, TranGO

TranGO was created with a sales tax initiative in 2013. The General Manager was hired in 2014 to build a transit system then minimal staff was hired to begin operations. Our initial focus was providing service and developing the policies and procedures needed for day-to-day operations. Every staff member contributed the skills they had to compensate for lack of staff. It is time to better define the current jobs and build out the additional positions to support current and future operations. As part of this project, we will also create specific training plans for existing staff to improve skills where needed to help build the internal capacity of each staff and be able to foresee and plan on adding external or contracted capacity as needed. Our goal is to develop a consistently high-functioning transit even as small and rural as we are. We have hopes that this project will help our agency remain focused on specific skills and positions needed to help guide the process of hiring new staff and manage all of the responsibilities of a growing transit.

11:10am – P.A.S.S.A.G.E. Plan for Bus Stops and Shelters
Dominick Loiacano – Operations Supervisor, Kitsap Transit

This project will focus on exploring the vital subject concerning the passenger accessibility, safety and security of our various bus stop locations throughout Kitsap County. The primary focus will be to develop a program to identify and classify any bus stop locations that for specific reasons should be upgraded, relocated or removed to better serve our community. This project will be divided into five phases and will be prioritized based upon the needs our community.

11:35am – LTD Planning for the Future
Kim Le – Development Planner, Lane Transit District
Kristin Kokkeler – Procurement Specialist, Lane Transit District

Through research, interviews, and internal survey, develop recommendations and framework for succession planning at Lane Transit District.

Noon – Access & Equality
Rosenda Henley – Mobility Manager/Travel Trainer, People For People

I am creating a focus group to expand knowledge on transportation services to communities of non-Spanish, non-English speakers by working with local social service agencies and school districts.

12:25pm – Wayfinding Olympia at OTC:
Joy Gerchak – Customer Service Manager, Intercity Transit

Promote economic development and recovery in our downtown community, by using the Olympia Transit Center as a gateway. This project will leverage these contributions to establish wayfinding signage at the OTC that will encourage all community members to enjoy and rediscover Downtown Olympia.

11:10am –Noon – Mobility for Health Strategic Plan:
Emily Motter – Deputy Director, Ride Connections

The Mobility for Health program was established by Ride Connection in 2019 to break down the barriers to transportation for historically marginalized individuals through strategic partnerships and collaboration. The goal of this program is to meet the unique needs of each customer and improve their social determinants of health through access to transportation options. A strategic plan will guide this program to ensure its success and continued funding.

11:35am – STA Summer Pass — Universal Transit Access for Area Youth:
Brandon Rapez-Betty – Director of Communications & Customer Service, Spokane Transit Authority

Rebuilding ridership is one of the most important strategies facing agencies across the country. Learn how STA quickly established a universal youth ridership program aimed at increasing youth access to transit, training future riders, and estimating costs for similar, future ridership programs.

Noon – Valley Transit Capital ADA Transition Plan:
Angie Peters – General Manager, Valley Transit

The project identifies opportunities, and build a 5–10-year capital transition plan to address updates or enhancements to the estimated 12% of bus stops/shelters not meeting 100% of ADA requirements. This proactively addresses system accessibility. Additional deliverables will be developing and deploying a semi-annual bus stop assessment routine, standard diagrams for bus stops, an update to the Title VI amenity guidelines, and an update to the Valley Transit service standards.

12:25pm – Fresh Ideas in Action Team: Let It Be Done:
Mary Anderson – Transit Planner, Whatcom Transportation Authority

Fiat, Latin for “let it be done” is the perfect motto for this action oriented team. The Fresh Ideas in Action Team will be charged with identifying transportation gaps, researching innovative solutions and implementing those solutions. Team members will be encouraged to think outside the bus when working to solve complex transportation problems and will be given permission to try and possibly fail, without guilt or repercussion.

Main Zoom Room
12:45pm – Closing Remarks